10 Pack Capacitive Stylus

Model Compatibility

Capacitive stylus with high-quality and ultra-sensitive works well on all universal touch screen devices.

Economic Package

10 pcs different color styluses:Purple, Red, Black, Green, Yellow, Silver, Blue, Sky-blue, Pink, Orang.

8 Reasons Why You Need A Stylus

More flexible than finger, it can be smoothly used on any digital screens even when you wear gloves or your hands with long nails.

Perfect for writing, drawing, taking notes, playing games and other forms of creative expression.

Protect your screen from scratching and keep no fingerprints.

Slim body, lightweight with a clip design, so it is very easy to carry anywhere.

Clip design, easily clip in your pocket, book, diary, etc.

Elegant and chic, perfect as a small gift for your beloved.