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Artist Anti-Fouling Gloves
a man using MEKO Artist Anti-Fouling Gloves
different size of meko stylus gloves
a man is drawing on a ipad mini with meko stylus glove
a man is drawing with meko stylus glove
good quailty for meko stylus glove
stylus glove package


Artist Anti-Fouling Gloves


★Artist's glove with one finger can be applied on both right and left hands.

★ Reduces the friction between your hand and the tablet surface, preventing your hand from activating features on touch sensitive tablets.

★ Anti-fouling and anti-sweat, keeping your hand clean when you paint and sketch.

★ Specially design for use with screen stylus responsive graphics tablets and tablet monitors.

★ Made from knitwear with high elasticity, so your skin can breathe at any time.

★ Free Shipping for purchase over $10.


Artist Anti-Fouling Gloves

Artist Anti-Fouling Gloves


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